More than one reason to wear E9

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Since 1998, E9 has been producing its items locally in Ascoli Piceno (Italy). The production cycle takes place within a few km in the district Of the company. By using a zero km concept, E9 is committed to improve the environmental conditions by reducing the pollution derived by the freight of the goods, willing to give a small contribution to our hosting planet.

Wear E9 and listen to the rock, climb it, clean it, take care of it! Preserve it and respect it! E9, its colors and its creativity will be with you on this journey made of passion, research and love for the rock!

When you wear E9 during your climbing sessions, fantasy and originality will blend with you while surrounded by nature. Joy and color will be with you on your journey toward fun and happiness!

Our products were born from the knowledge of those who like you are burning for the art of climbing. Wear this item and shine among the colors of the rock!

Years ago, a spaceship landed on earth delivering the first E9 items from outer space. Strange silver dudes gave birth to the new E9 world, therefore to the future generations of climbers. Since 1998 E9 accompanies you with courage, fantasy and style throughout the research of new visions!

E9 has always been based on “made in italy” production. The manufacturing process of our items is located in italy, the country of style par excellence. For E9, “made in italy” means selecting the best materials, combined with italian creativity and continuous innovation to ensure exclusive and unique products.