Tristan Chouvy

My name is Tristan Chouvy. I was born in Fontainebleau and my parents have been taking me to the Fontainebleau Forest with my twin sister since we were born. I really started climbing when I was about 4 years old. I love being in the forest as much as I love climbing. I especially enjoy climbing in the outdoors, no matter the weather. I climbed my first 7a (“Mur des lamentations” at Apremont) at 8 years old and I have since climbed many more, as well as some 7bs and 7cs (“Sale gosse”, “Infidèle”, “Iceberg”, “Lucky Luke”, etc.). At 10 years old I broke through to 8as by climbing “Sous le volcan” at Cuvier Rempart and sending the iconic slab “Duel” (8a) at Franchard Cuisinière. Climbing has become a very important part of my life and I plan on climbing as long as I continue to have fun!