Suzan Dudink

Originally from Holland, I started my sporting life in athletics in which I competed at a national level and coached the regional junior team for many years. I discovered climbing when I was 21 and to pay for my study fees I started working in a climbing wall. When I moved over to England in 2008 to live with my partner Andy Earl, climbing became a bigger part of my life both personal and professional. Together Andy and I travelled the world, developed climbing areas and built up Climb Newcastle. And before I knew it I shared the podium with Adam Ondra in Mello Blocco and became one of the first females to boulder F8a+. Because circumstances have changed. I couldn't climb outside as often as I use to. Instead I started to focus more on the coaching side of climbing, something I absolutely love doing. Helping others (from beginners to GB team members) reach their potentials is unbelievably rewarding. Besides coaching I started route setting more often (2-3x a week).