Mauro Calibani

Founder and owner of E9. Discoverer and developer of Meschia bouldering area in 1996 in Ascoli, Italy. Eclectic Italian climber. He practices climbing in all its forms, from bouldering to trad, from sport climbing, dws, to the mountains. He participated in competitions until 2008.

His best ascents:

- Onsight until 8B
- “Voortrekker” 9A FA (July 2019), Frosolone, Italy
- Few 8C and 8C+

- "Is not always Pasqua"; E9 7A FA (October 2002), Monti Sibillini, Italy
- "Pesce fritto da Pietro” 8C FA (2009) Ascoli, Italy

- "Tonino 78” 8C/+ FA (January 2004), Meschia, Italy
- "Dream Time” 8B+ (February 2004), Cresciano, Swiss
- “Rampage” 8A/+ Flash (March 2007), Varazze, Italy

- The 1st Bouldering World Champion 2001, Winterthur, Swiss
- 2nd place in the World Cup 2001
- 2nd place in the European Championship 2002, Chamonix, France
- 4th place in the World Championship, Chamonix, France
- Winner of the Sint Rock Boulder contest 2002-2003, Arco, Italy