Layla Mammi

Layla – a German born girl with Italian-Sicilian genes and a passionate heart– is climbing and traveling the world for the past 18 years. Her driven nature loves movement in any shape or form. Hence, Layla’s climbing lifestyle is strongly connected to road tripping, van life and discovering places & people! Taking in the beauty and tranquility of nature is an important source of happiness and balance for her.
When not traveling, Layla lives in the Frankenjura – Germans finest climbing area which is home to many landmark routes of sport climbing history. Though Layla focuses on bouldering, she really enjoys herself climbing with a rope from time to time.
With climbing the Fred Nicole boulder problem Teamwork (Fb 8a) in Chironico, Switzerland in 2009, Layla became part of the elite group of ten women worldwide who had bouldered that grade at that time.
Along with having a degree in Engineering and being a passionate rock climber, Layla is also an active member of the community, teaching climbing classes and sharing her experience and enthusiasm with others. Her positive energy and passion easily puts a smile on people’s faces and inspires the love for the nature and this sport.
When Layla’s not climbing, she enjoys changing the elements thus spending time at the ocean with surfing, doing Yoga, reading, mountain biking, and loves any excuse for a beachside apéro while hanging out with friends.