Jenny Lavarda

Jenny Lavarda is an eclectic climber, able to achieve, in her long career, excellent results both in the competitions and on rocks, becoming the first Italian woman to reach the grade 8c, Claudio Caffè, 2006. Her passion for climbing was born from an early age when he began climb thanks to his parents, his father lately became his coach.

She has won European and World Youth titles (2000 and 2001), a Senior Combined World Championship, an Ice Bouldering World Championship and two times the Lead speciality (on ice) in 2007 and 2008. Furthermore, she participated in several World Cup stages always reaching good results. 

At national level she has an impressive palmarès: 11 gold medals in Lead, 2 gold medals in Bouldering and 7 gold medals in Speed.

She is also an international route setter and federal chief instructor, activities she carries out while managing her own bouldering gym.