Helena Aleman

Helena Alemán (born on January 28, 1985 in Barcelona, Spain) is a fanatic climber. She tries to spend all her time climbing and she loves the rocks, nature, and travelling with her van. Nowadays, she works as a freelance climbing instructor/guide and as a route setter in different climbing gyms for national, autonomic or international IFSC competitions. And, on the other hand, she is studying Pilates and works as a Pilates Trainer. 

She has worked as a trainer of seven members of the Catalan Federation Youth Climbing Team (CTEEC), and is doing climbing courses in the Civic Center Les Corts in Barcelona.

As a route setter, she is in the IFSC Paraclimbing route setter team and recently had worked in Paraclimbing Championship 2019 celebrated in Briançon with Marzin WszolekCrisophe Cazin and Serjjio Verdasco

Furthermore, she competes in climbing competitions and splits her time between the jobs,Pilates and climbing outdoor and indoor. 

She regularly participates in Spanish and Catalunyan Championships and the Spanish cups of lead and bould er.

In competitions, she has been three times Spanish lead Champion (2016, 2012, 2010). Notable ascents on the rocks are:

8c Peti qui peti, Sant Llorenç de Munt (2010)

8c Inuit , Sant Llorenç de Munt (2010)

8c Espia dimonisMargalef (2010)

8c AitzolMargalef (2010)

8c T1 Full Equip , Oliana (2011)

8c Snuff Movie, Sant Llorenç de Munt (2016) 

8a+ Paidella Rodellar, la Surgencia (2010)

8a+ No limit  Rodellar, la Surgencia (2010)

8a+ Millenium, Terradets (2010)

8a+ La secta Sant llorenç (2009)