Gabri Moroni

He started climbing in 1996 at the age of eight, by practicing a basic course at the climbing gym in Novara. Since 2001 he has participated in the European Youth Cup and in the Youth World Championships.

He took second place four times in the Bouldering World Cup: once the stage in Fiera di Primiero in 2007, once the stage in Vail in 2008, and twice in 2009 at the competitions in Hall and Eindhoven.

His best result in boulder is the third place in the Bouldering World Cup 2009. His notable ascents are: 15 ROUTE AROUND 9a “goldrake” 9a+ 

BOULDER: “ziqqurat”8C - “the story of two world” 8C - “dreamtime”8B+

HIGHBALLS: “Ambrosia” 8a (bishop ) 17/12/2016 - 15 meters - “29 dots”8a+ (Valle dell'orco ) 02/09/2017 - 15 Meters- Rigatoni Valle dell’ Orco 05-2015.