Edoardo Bocchio Vega

In 2007, after having done many sports usually on a competitive level, I discover the climbing in a particular moment of adolescence where I begin to poorly bear the races and the competition with others. From there comes the desire to do something exclusively for myself, that I enjoy and where no one tells me what to do. After having spent the first years to see climbing as a real game I start to train in the gym more and more, year after year, with more perseverance and motivation, trying to improve my weaknesses and perfecting every single aspect that climbing requires.

This desire to improve and exceed my limits continues to give me new motivations both in outdoor and in the competitions. In recent years, I have focused exclusively on the Boulder. This specialty has made me fall in love with the technical difficulty that every movement offers; climbing outdoor, find a nice line and solve the “puzzle” of the moves in order to climb the problem is without any doubt the aspect I like the most and that every time surprises me.