Barbara Raudner

I live in Lower Austria! After my studies of French/Economics and Law“ and „Advertising“, I was working for the European Commission as a Public Relations expert. At the age of 28, I found the sport of my live – climbing! From the first moment on, I fell in love with this amazing livestyle. I love being outdoors! Finding my own personal challenges on natural Rock has given me the spirit for my climbing. 6 years ago, I took the decision to leave my job. Life is short and you should live it now. Since then I am very lucky to have visited many wonderful places and to have met many lovely people whilst living my life of adventure together with Hannes, my husband. One of my hardest ascents in sportclimbing so far is the famous route „Mind Control“ 8c/+ in Oliana (Spain). My favourite route however is the breathtakingly line of „Tom et Je Ris“ 8b+ in the Gorge du Verdon (France).